Thursday, 31 October 2013

My The Body Shop & Major Inglot Haul | October Haul | Part II

I had a really rough week lately and that explains of me being suddenly MIA. Anyways I am back and with a bang! As I told in my last Haul Post, that Part II is coming, so here I am!

This time I have done a major haul for makeup products. As, I am trying my hands in different eye makeup looks, I wanted variant eye shadows. So, without much ado, went to the stores to quench my shopping thirst!

Things I Bought:

  1. The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream.
  2. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 06.
  3. Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadows- 1322, 1353 & 1346.
  4. Inglot Freedom System Square Eye Shadows- 66 AMC, 44 SHINE, 348 MATTE, 362 MATTE, 382 MATTE, 54 AMC, 426 PEARL, 449 PEARL.
  5. Inglot Freedom System Blushes- 20, 30.
  6. Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick- 983.
  7. Inglot Freedom System Square Lipstick- 88.
Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadows

Freedom System Matte Eye Shadows
Freedom System Pearl Eye Shadows
Freedom System AMC Eye Shadows
Freedom System Blushes

Freedom System Lipsticks

I am really excited about:

Honestly, I am dying to try the BB cream! I have like 5-6 BB or CC creams from different brands yet I can't get enough of them! Also, I got my favorite lipstick shade from Inglot that is #983 which I am really excited to try. I have already tried a few of the eye shadows and I am loving them.

What's In Store?

So, I am planning different eye makeup looks with these goodies for future! Don't worry I am practicing and trying to be good in it before I show up them! :P

So, please share your views how was my choice for all these goodies. And, if you have already used them, please share your experiences!


  1. My Heart broken :p What a great haul dear :D

  2. OMG!! It's a droolworthy haul Arshita!

  3. OMG, lovely haul, stuff is really pretty Arshita, it's a big big haul ;)

    1. :D Thanks dear, i m really excited! :)

  4. This is a huge haul and loved everything :)

  5. Lovely haul dear.. drooling over the iNGLOT stuff especially the 3 in one eyeshadowss.. :)

  6. What a haul! Loved all the stuff :)

  7. lovely haul! waiting for those makeup looks now :)


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