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London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine Review:

Wet wipes are very much useful and essential to keep our facial skin fresh and clean while traveling or staying out for long hours. But, also the risk comes simultaneously in our mind that how safe is the things we are using for our delicate face? I have used many wet wipes before and though none of them ever caused me any irritation or rashes still the question remains open. Few months back I bought London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine and the SA in the mall convinced me that it is one of the best wet wipes. And, today I am going to review the same.

Product Description:
London Refreshing Facial Wipes are made up of spun lace nonwoven fabric. It’s thick, soft and smooth. Enriched with Aloe Vera, gently cleanse and eradicate dust Gives a new look to your skin and make you feel fresh and clean.

Price & Quantity: INR 50 for 25 wipes.
Key Ingredients:

Usage Direction:
Open the sticker as the picture shows and seal it after using to prevent from drying. Gently wipe over the eyelids, face and neck to cleanse the skin.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Experience with London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine:

Packaging: London Refreshing Facial Wipes are packed in a thick and sturdy sachet and the sticker on the front is also quite good as the glue is intact to keep the remaining tissues wet and hygienic. The small packaging is also very useful for carrying it in our purse.

Texture & Smell: Almost all the wet wipes are same, but the one thing that makes London Refreshing Facial Wipes different is its elasticity, it is indeed made of fabric and no matter how much I stretch or pull it, it never tears. The wipes are very soft and silky, not at all harsh to the skin. The liquid in the wipes is also perfect for cleansing the dirty face to cleansing makeup. The wipes are very much lightweight and easy to use. Once the wipe is taken out, it stays wet until 30 minutes even after using it.

Now, the name is Jasmine and the smell is also. The beautiful smell of Jasmine flower is infused in the wipes which makes the cleaning more refreshing.

My Take: Apart from the lovely smell and fabric texture, the best thing about these wipes is its cleaning range. This not only removes my all day long polluted and dirty face, it also removes my makeup and even my waterproof eyeliner and mascara (Whoa! Right?). It leaves no traces of makeup or the worst kind, the glittery liners or lipsticks on my face. Within one swipe it gets clean and the leftover glitters and tints goes off with another or two swipes. So, for cleansing purpose, these are the best (Really, heard me Kara?)!

Now, after using L’oreal, Kara and couple more wet wipes, the stretchable fabric and the lovely smelling London Refreshing Facial Wipes won my heart.

The Good Points:
  1. Good quality product.
  2. Stretchable fabric for better cleaning.
  3. Removes dirt and waterproof makeup.
  4. Alcohol-free.
  5. Lovely jasmine smell.
  6. Affordable price.
  7. Does not cause irritation or rashes.
  8. Travel friendly.
  9. Good packaging for long term use.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. Contains PARABEN! :/

My Rating: 4.9/5.

Do I Recommend London Refreshing Facial Wipes? Yes, of course! I mean, I have sensitive skin and it suits me perfect. Give it a try!

Would I Repurchase?
Yes, no doubt about that. I might try other variants also, but Jasmine will always be my favorite one!


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