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5 Natural Home Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

We love long hair and different hair styles we can do with them, right? But, due to weather change and pollution or even hair damaging hair losses its natural growth. And there are a few natural remedies that invigorates the natural growth of hair without harming them. In this article, I will share my tried and tested 5 Natural Home Remedies to grow hair faster.

1. Onion Juice: Onion has sulpher in it which is very helpful for proper blood circulation. More blood circulation means faster hair growth. It also eliminates any bacterial infections build up on the scalp. Onion helps opening the follicles pores to breath and keep the hair strong and healthy.

Cut a whole onion, small ones are more effective; but if they are not easily available to you, you can also use the normal ones. Cut it into small pieces and put it in the grinder. Mix it for a minute and take it out. If it is already a paste or some chucks of onions, however still squeeze the paste to take out the juice in a clean bowl. Now, add one tablespoon honey in it. Take a small cotton and apply the juice mixture with it directly on the scalp gently massaging it. Leave it for minimum 3 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo. Do this regime at least 3 times a week.

2. Egg: Eggs are considered as the best hair growing component. It provides protein and health to the hair. Eggs are used to get lustrous hair.

Take one egg and in a mixing bowl, mix it well with one tablespoon olive oil and half tablespoon honey. Now, with a flat hair brush, apply the mixture on the scalp first and then onto the locks to all the way to the tips. Leave the mixture on for maximum one hour and then wash well with a herbal shampoo. Make sure to wash it with cold water, as hot or even warm water can do damage. Apply this pack once in two weeks.

3. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera also helps growing out the hair faster with regular use. The several goodness of Aloe Vera are not unknown to anyone now. :)

Cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and scrape out the gel. Now, apply the gel on the scalp gently rubbing it and massaging it. Wash with plain water after one hour. You can apply this everyday for faster result.

4. Healthy Diet: To help hair grow faster and naturally, we also have to maintain a proper and healthy diet. There are types of foods that will help in growing hair as well as making the beautiful and healthy.

The first item is nuts, eat almonds, walnuts or peanuts everyday in your breakfast. Whole grains like oats is also a very good option for breakfast. Yogurt helps to keep our body as well as hair healthy and fit. Several fruits like carrot, broccoli, apple and gooseberry are quite essential for hair.

5. Biotin: Vitamin B, A, E, and C are good for hair. You can take Biotin and Hair Follicle Tablets everyday only after consulting your doctor! Taking Biotin will help to compensate for the vitamins that are lacking in your body or your meal.

Note: These are all natural remedies and these take time to show visible results, you will have to be patient.
I hope you guys find this helpful and please share your views on this.

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