Thursday, 31 October 2013

My The Body Shop & Major Inglot Haul | October Haul | Part II

I had a really rough week lately and that explains of me being suddenly MIA. Anyways I am back and with a bang! As I told in my last Haul Post, that Part II is coming, so here I am!

This time I have done a major haul for makeup products. As, I am trying my hands in different eye makeup looks, I wanted variant eye shadows. So, without much ado, went to the stores to quench my shopping thirst!

Things I Bought:

  1. The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream.
  2. The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 06.
  3. Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadows- 1322, 1353 & 1346.
  4. Inglot Freedom System Square Eye Shadows- 66 AMC, 44 SHINE, 348 MATTE, 362 MATTE, 382 MATTE, 54 AMC, 426 PEARL, 449 PEARL.
  5. Inglot Freedom System Blushes- 20, 30.
  6. Inglot Freedom System Round Lipstick- 983.
  7. Inglot Freedom System Square Lipstick- 88.
Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadows

Freedom System Matte Eye Shadows
Freedom System Pearl Eye Shadows
Freedom System AMC Eye Shadows
Freedom System Blushes

Freedom System Lipsticks

I am really excited about:

Honestly, I am dying to try the BB cream! I have like 5-6 BB or CC creams from different brands yet I can't get enough of them! Also, I got my favorite lipstick shade from Inglot that is #983 which I am really excited to try. I have already tried a few of the eye shadows and I am loving them.

What's In Store?

So, I am planning different eye makeup looks with these goodies for future! Don't worry I am practicing and trying to be good in it before I show up them! :P

So, please share your views how was my choice for all these goodies. And, if you have already used them, please share your experiences!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

5 Natural Home Remedies For Faster Hair Growth

We love long hair and different hair styles we can do with them, right? But, due to weather change and pollution or even hair damaging hair losses its natural growth. And there are a few natural remedies that invigorates the natural growth of hair without harming them. In this article, I will share my tried and tested 5 Natural Home Remedies to grow hair faster.

1. Onion Juice: Onion has sulpher in it which is very helpful for proper blood circulation. More blood circulation means faster hair growth. It also eliminates any bacterial infections build up on the scalp. Onion helps opening the follicles pores to breath and keep the hair strong and healthy.

Cut a whole onion, small ones are more effective; but if they are not easily available to you, you can also use the normal ones. Cut it into small pieces and put it in the grinder. Mix it for a minute and take it out. If it is already a paste or some chucks of onions, however still squeeze the paste to take out the juice in a clean bowl. Now, add one tablespoon honey in it. Take a small cotton and apply the juice mixture with it directly on the scalp gently massaging it. Leave it for minimum 3 hours and wash it with a mild shampoo. Do this regime at least 3 times a week.

2. Egg: Eggs are considered as the best hair growing component. It provides protein and health to the hair. Eggs are used to get lustrous hair.

Take one egg and in a mixing bowl, mix it well with one tablespoon olive oil and half tablespoon honey. Now, with a flat hair brush, apply the mixture on the scalp first and then onto the locks to all the way to the tips. Leave the mixture on for maximum one hour and then wash well with a herbal shampoo. Make sure to wash it with cold water, as hot or even warm water can do damage. Apply this pack once in two weeks.

3. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera also helps growing out the hair faster with regular use. The several goodness of Aloe Vera are not unknown to anyone now. :)

Cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and scrape out the gel. Now, apply the gel on the scalp gently rubbing it and massaging it. Wash with plain water after one hour. You can apply this everyday for faster result.

4. Healthy Diet: To help hair grow faster and naturally, we also have to maintain a proper and healthy diet. There are types of foods that will help in growing hair as well as making the beautiful and healthy.

The first item is nuts, eat almonds, walnuts or peanuts everyday in your breakfast. Whole grains like oats is also a very good option for breakfast. Yogurt helps to keep our body as well as hair healthy and fit. Several fruits like carrot, broccoli, apple and gooseberry are quite essential for hair.

5. Biotin: Vitamin B, A, E, and C are good for hair. You can take Biotin and Hair Follicle Tablets everyday only after consulting your doctor! Taking Biotin will help to compensate for the vitamins that are lacking in your body or your meal.

Note: These are all natural remedies and these take time to show visible results, you will have to be patient.
I hope you guys find this helpful and please share your views on this.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

September 2013 Vellvette Bag: The Anniversary Bag

I know, I am extremely late this time to review Vellvette bag! September 2013 Vellvette's theme was Anniverysary, yes congrats to The Vellvette Box as they have completed their first year! So, they decided to give a lovely red and white polka dotted bag and some lovely goodies!

What I Got:

  • Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette - SOHO (Full Size worth INR 513)
  • Lord & Berry Flat Lip Pencil - Rouge (Full Size worth INR 990)
  • The Nature's Co Lavender Body Lotion (Sample Size)
  • Bonus: Vellvette Compact Brush (Full size worth INR 300)

What I Loved:
Firstly, I loved the cute little bag, it will be perfect for carrying lipsticks or other things when I am travelling. I also loved the eye shadow palette, it has so many colors, though I would also loved the neutral one. But, these colors are very much useful for creating different eye makeup look. The next thing is the flat lip pencil, the color is wearable, I am very much excited to try this.

My Take: I loved this edition, the bag and the goodies. So, it think it is a great bargain for INR 499 to get the goodies of almost INR 2500 (including the bag). I am really happy with September 2013 Vellvette!

Note: If you are not a The Vellvette Box member yet, and want to be, then do leave a comment. I will send you a coupon code which will give you INR 100 off of your first subscription.

The next month's Vellvette will be a blue bag, and the theme is sexy.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

5 Natural Remedies To Treat Acne:

A clear glowing skin is always in demand from a teen boy to a mid-twenties girl. And, acne comes in between them; not only the painful experience but also it leaves pretty ugly scars behind. So, the best way to keep your skin clear and glowing is to treat acne first and take proper measures to make sure they won’t come back. In today’s article, I will be sharing a few tips on how to treat acne at home.

1. Lemon: The acidity present in lemon juice helps to get rid of the bacteria that are responsible for acne. The Vitamin C component in lemon juice provides anti-oxidants to the skin to retain its health and glow.

Squeeze out juice of one lemon in a small bowl and dip a cotton ball into it; then apply the juice on the acne and around it. You can do it once everyday.

2. Garlic: To clear out a problematic skin, garlic is one of the best remedies. Garlic has sulphur, zinc, calcium in it which is highly helpful to work as antibiotic to reduce the fungal attack on the skin. This helps to clear out skin problems.

Crush and make a paste of one or two cloves of garlic and add a bit of water into it. Now, apply this paste onto the acne. You can use this 3-4 times a week.

3. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera pulp is the most useful herbal treatment for acne as well as acne scars. Regular use of aloe vera will cure acne problems.

Cut an aloe vera leaf and take out the pulp with a knife. Use the gel on the skin by gently rubbing it. You can also use it after blending it in a blender, that way it becomes smooth to apply on. If you have sensitive skin, put the gel in the refrigerator for 2-3 days then, apply.

4. Tomato: Tomato is full of vitamins like A and C, also the acid present in it helps to demolish the fungal build up or bacteria attack. Tomato also removes the scars or pigmentation on the skin and also helps to keep the skin younger.

Cut a tomato and mash the pulp into a smooth paste and apply it on the skin. Using this repeatedly will result in clear and fresh skin.

5. Apple Cider vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is full of acids which helps to detoxify the skin by throwing out the impurities of the skin and make them clear.

Mix two tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar with half teaspoon water and apply it as facial toner everyday.

Remember, these are all natural treatments and it might take time to notice appropriate results. If you have severe acne problem please consult a dermatologist. Hope, this helps you; do not forget to share your comments below.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Skin & Hair Care Haul | October Haul | Part I

Yes, haul again! Can't help buying every month different products useful or not! Anyways, I needed a basic hair oil for daily use and also castor oil. Also, this month my CTM Cleanser and Toner was over so needed to repurchase that also.

Products I Bought:
Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Toner. (Read review here)
Aloe Veda Liquorice & Ginger Gentle Cleansing Milk. (Read review here)
Khadi Rosemary & Henna Hair Oil.
Khadi Henna & Thyme Hair Tonic.
Soulflower Cold-pressed Castor Oil.

I have never used any hair tonic before, and while browsing through the site, this one really attracted me. I have used Triphala Hair Oil from Khadi, and this time I wanted to try something else. Hopefully these products will do me fair only (fingers crossed!).

So, this is my skin and hair care haul for this month. Please share your thought if you have used any of these products or willing to buy. And There is a October Haul Part II coming very soon consisting of makeup products, so stay close!

Friday, 18 October 2013

My Festive Eye-makeup | EOTD | FOTD :

This season is like parade of festivals and each festival requires different types of attire and to go with it different makeup looks, right? We girls just need a reason to get dolled up! So, after our biggest festival of the year i.e. Durga Puja, I decided to try a simple yet festive look and here is the sneak peak.

Have I told you lately how much I love gold and copper eyes and if it is combined with a touch of carbon to create a smokey look, I go gaga on that! And so, today I am making my eyes hero while playing my lips little low.

I have used a sheer gold and copper color eye shadow (TBS Shimmer Cubes) on the lids and matte black eye shadow for the lining. I have also used Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Lakme eyeconic Mascara. And a lot of smudging to create this look.

As I said earlier, I needed to play my lips down, I used Elle 18 Color Pops Pomegranate Pie which is indeed very subtle. And for my face, I have used Lakme CC Cream and Colorbar Time Plus Compact.

I hope you guys like my this look. Please share your views and let me know what you liked and what you did not.

Happy Festival Season Everyone!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine Review:

Wet wipes are very much useful and essential to keep our facial skin fresh and clean while traveling or staying out for long hours. But, also the risk comes simultaneously in our mind that how safe is the things we are using for our delicate face? I have used many wet wipes before and though none of them ever caused me any irritation or rashes still the question remains open. Few months back I bought London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine and the SA in the mall convinced me that it is one of the best wet wipes. And, today I am going to review the same.

Product Description:
London Refreshing Facial Wipes are made up of spun lace nonwoven fabric. It’s thick, soft and smooth. Enriched with Aloe Vera, gently cleanse and eradicate dust Gives a new look to your skin and make you feel fresh and clean.

Price & Quantity: INR 50 for 25 wipes.
Key Ingredients:

Usage Direction:
Open the sticker as the picture shows and seal it after using to prevent from drying. Gently wipe over the eyelids, face and neck to cleanse the skin.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Experience with London Refreshing Facial Wipes Jasmine:

Packaging: London Refreshing Facial Wipes are packed in a thick and sturdy sachet and the sticker on the front is also quite good as the glue is intact to keep the remaining tissues wet and hygienic. The small packaging is also very useful for carrying it in our purse.

Texture & Smell: Almost all the wet wipes are same, but the one thing that makes London Refreshing Facial Wipes different is its elasticity, it is indeed made of fabric and no matter how much I stretch or pull it, it never tears. The wipes are very soft and silky, not at all harsh to the skin. The liquid in the wipes is also perfect for cleansing the dirty face to cleansing makeup. The wipes are very much lightweight and easy to use. Once the wipe is taken out, it stays wet until 30 minutes even after using it.

Now, the name is Jasmine and the smell is also. The beautiful smell of Jasmine flower is infused in the wipes which makes the cleaning more refreshing.

My Take: Apart from the lovely smell and fabric texture, the best thing about these wipes is its cleaning range. This not only removes my all day long polluted and dirty face, it also removes my makeup and even my waterproof eyeliner and mascara (Whoa! Right?). It leaves no traces of makeup or the worst kind, the glittery liners or lipsticks on my face. Within one swipe it gets clean and the leftover glitters and tints goes off with another or two swipes. So, for cleansing purpose, these are the best (Really, heard me Kara?)!

Now, after using L’oreal, Kara and couple more wet wipes, the stretchable fabric and the lovely smelling London Refreshing Facial Wipes won my heart.

The Good Points:
  1. Good quality product.
  2. Stretchable fabric for better cleaning.
  3. Removes dirt and waterproof makeup.
  4. Alcohol-free.
  5. Lovely jasmine smell.
  6. Affordable price.
  7. Does not cause irritation or rashes.
  8. Travel friendly.
  9. Good packaging for long term use.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. Contains PARABEN! :/

My Rating: 4.9/5.

Do I Recommend London Refreshing Facial Wipes? Yes, of course! I mean, I have sensitive skin and it suits me perfect. Give it a try!

Would I Repurchase?
Yes, no doubt about that. I might try other variants also, but Jasmine will always be my favorite one!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sally Hansen Lip Plumper Sheer Pink Berry Review, Swatch & LOTD:

Who does not love Angelina Jolie’s pout? I do too! Sally Hansen presented a non-injections lip plumping lip gloss to get the lovely pouts like Angelina Jolie. I have got quite satisfying plumping lips, but how could I resist this opportunity?

Product Description:
Spicy gloss plumps and shines to the extreme! Breakthrough Hydro-Collagen Complex plumps and moistures. Formula with Cinnamon Extract enhances lips’ natural colour so they appear pinker, fuller and healthier.
Price & Quantity: INR 775 for 6ml.
Key Ingredients:

Shade Reviewed: Sheer Pink Berry.
To Use:
Apply thoughly over entire lip area. You may experience a slight tingle. Wear alone, under or over lip colour. Do not use on irritated lips.
Shelf life: 3 years.

Sally Hansen Lip Plumper Sheer Pink Berry Review:

Packaging: The lip gloss comes in a very sleek and edgy packaging with a golden and glass finish. The brush is very soft and makes it easy to apply on lips.
Texture & Smell: The gloss is in pink shade and glittery. The texture is pretty glossy and bit balmy which is good for moisturizing the lips. It provides sheer gloss and average pigment. It can be worn alone, though my pigments on the lips are visible over the lips.
The smell is of cinnamon, which is very much nice and refreshing.

My Experience: I honestly don’t like lip gloss, I am matte lover. But, since I got this, when I applied it I liked it. First of all, the pigment is quite good, needs not base lipstick. As per the usage direction, it does give a little tingling sensation after application. But, since my lips are bit plumped, I did not see a massive change; but it looked plumped anyway.

The staying power is average; it stayed pretty nice till 3-4 hours before reapplication. It needs reapplication after eating or too much lip smacking.

Overall, this lip gloss is very nice in its texture and smell, also has a decent staying power for that matter. It might be very useful for plumping thin lips and the other good point is its good pigmentation.

The Good Points:
  1. Good quality brand.
  2. Nice pigment.
  3. Glossy texture.
  4. Nice and travel friendly packaging.
  5. Gives plumped lips.
  6. Cinnamon smell.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. Bit expensive.

My Rating: 4/5.

Do I Recommend Sally Hansen Lip Plumper Sheer Pink Berry?
If you want to make your lips plumped, then give it a try. And, if your lips are plumped and still want to try, you can; it won’t make your lips like duck!

Would I Reprchase?
Probably not.

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