Thursday, 15 August 2013

Soft Coral Eye Makeup: EOTD

Happy Independence Day to all of you!

Since I am trying different eye makeup with my beginners hands, I am getting interest in trying more, and here I have come up with another easy soft coral eye makeup for beginners like me. Coral is that shade which no makeup lover would ever ignore or hate. I love coral from my blush to my lips, so, I thought of trying on my eyes. The color I have used in this tutorial is a soft pinkish coral and black eyeshadow for Smokey look.

Soft Coral Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Step 1:First I prep my eyes and brows.

Step 2: I apply a neutral shade in the inner corner of my eyes working my way from upper lid to the lower lid. {See No. 1 in the picture}

Step 3: Then I apply the pinkish coral shade on the whole upper lid leaving the inner corner where I applied the neutral shade. {See No. 2 in the picture}

Step 4: Similarly, I apply the same shade on the lower lid also again leaving the inner corner. {See No. 3 in the picture}

Step 5: Next, I apply the black shade on the outer corner of the upper lid forming a shape of V. {See No. 4 in the picture}

Step 6: Then, with a blending brush, I blend the black shadow smoothly on the upper lid. {See No. 5 in the picture}

Step 7: Now, with the blending brush I apply the black shadow on the outer corner of the lower lid.

Step 8: To make eyes look bigger, I apply white shadow below the brows and in the inner corner of the eyes and blend it.

Step 9: Finally I apply kohl and mascara. And I am done!

This is wearable eye makeup for even day outings also. I hope I did justice to this makeup. Please leave your thoughts below and have a happy day. xoxo


  1. Very clear tutorial Arshita. I am going to try this today only!:D Happy Independence Day to you too... :tup :rainbow

  2. very very pretty and wearable look! w-)

    1. Thanks Lancy! :) so glad u liked! :D

  3. i love that grey touch to it.....super pretty arshi :)

  4. Nice detailed tutorial. Really useful

    1. Thanks Manisha, glad you liked it! (k)


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