Monday, 12 August 2013

Simple Smokey Eye Makeup:

I am a beginner in intense or expert makeup world. Few days ago, I did a Simple Neutral Eye Makeup, and I thought of making a Smokey eye look this time. I have infused neutral shadow with black shadow to get a day-time wearable yet simple eye makeup.

Simple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Step 1: I prep my eyes with concealer and translucent powder.
Step 2: Then, I apply a dark brown shade in a horizontal line on the crease of my eyes(just below the brow bone). {No. 1 in the Picture}

Step 3: Now, I apply a light neutral shade eyeshadow on the lids evenly. {No. 2 in the Picture}

Step 4: I apply the same shade in the inner corner of my eyes. {No 3. In the Picture}

Step 5: Then, with a black eyeshadow, I draw a line from the inner corner of my eyes to all the way to the open ended line that I drew in the Step 2.{No. 4 in the Picture}

Step 6: Now, on the edge of that line I make a vertical V-line with a blending brush. {No. 5 in the Picture}

Step 7: Since I have used black eyeshadow on the upper lid, I do not use liner. I only apply kohl in the lower lid.

Step 8:Then, with a white shadow, I highlight my brows by applying the shadow just under it.

Step 9: Finally, I apply mascara and I am done!

This is a simple Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup that can be wore both for day and night outings. This is also very soft eye makeup. Hope, you guys like it. And also, please excuse my beginner’s mistakes. Enjoy your day!


  1. Lovely smokey eye Arshi, loving your eyes <3

    1. Thanks dear... Thats very sweet of u! :) <3

  2. wow...this looks so pretty!
    Following you.. :)
    plz follow back..

  3. Excellent tutorial Arshita! Beautiful Eyes...:) <3

  4. simple hot smokey eyes....:) excellent blend again the photos directly standing opp a window honey if you can they will come more fab:)

    1. Thanks sweety! Will do frm next time... :)


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