Saturday, 24 August 2013

Simple Purple Smokey Eye Look Tutorial:

Hello friends, today I am back with another simple Smokey-eye look for beginners. I am totally now addicted to simple Smokey-eye looks; they easier to do and looks always stunning. I thought of infusing it with a pinch of purple. Now, let us move on the tutorial.

Simple Purple Smokey Eye Look Tutorial:

Step I: Firstly prep eye area, and apply brow pencil on the brows.{No. 1 in the picture.}
Step II: Then, on the lids apply the purple eye shadow evenly. {No. 2 in the picture.}
Step III: Now, apply the black shadow on the edge of the upper eye lid, like eye liner. {No. 3 in the picture.}
Step IV: Tracing the line of black shadow, now make that line bit thicker moving towards the middle of the eye lids. {No. 4 in the picture.}
Step V: Start blending the two shades where they meet, from the inner corner of the eyes to the edge of it. {No. 5 & 6 in the picture.}
Step VI: Now, apply the purple shade on the inner corner of your lower lid to the middle of it. And, apply the black shade on the outer corner of your lower lid blending it with the upper lid shade. {No. 7 in the picture.}
Step VII: Then, apply a silver or white shade right below your brows and in the inner corner of your eyes. {No. 8 in the picture.}
Step VIII: Finally, apply kohl on the lower lid and mascara on the lashes. And, you are done!
I consider this simple eye look for evening outings, and it can also be wearable for even day occasions. I hope you like my amateur trial of Smokey-eye look. I am open to suggestions and tips, so if I have done any mistakes feel free to drop your precious comments. XOXO


  1. i love that purple on you arshi...lovely eyes you have..and the blend is perfect :)

  2. which eye shadow quad is this dear? please put the products also na :)

  3. Nice one. Nice EOTD. I find it so difficult to take pics of eye make up.phew its really a task.

    1. Thanks dear. Its not tough at all, do try it... (k)


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