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Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème Review:

Hola amigos! How are you all doing? Well, until now, I never considered using nails and cuticle crème. But in last month’s Vellvette Box, I got the very same; so I started using it right away. And, today I am going to review that crème, i.e. Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème.

Product Description:Instant manicure in tube. You will get beautifully groomed hands, nails & cuticles that look like you just left the salon! Multi-benefits of vitamin A, C, E, Grape Seed Oil, Chamomile plus special, light weight moisturizer that soften and smooth skin while strengthening nails. Absorbs instantly without the grease. Gentle, quick & easy to use. Result guaranteed. Dermatologist tested.

Price & quantity: INR 775 3.5 oz/99.2g.
Key Ingredients:

Usage Direction: Apply as needed. Massage fingertips to wrist, then concentrate on cuticles.

My Take on Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème:

Packaging & Texture: Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème comes in a quite large orange colored tube with white flip cap at the bottom. The flip cap is perfectly sturdy and as the crème is thick, the bottom cap does not do any harm like wasting too much of the product. The smell of the crème is one of my favorite points about it, it smells like little bit orange-y, yet very nice. The crème is as I said before very thick in texture, also it is like the typical cold crème type but in a good way.

My Experience: Previously, I have heard and read reviews about Sally Hansen products but never used it. But now, I am thankful to Vellvette Box that they sent this one! Not only it smells awesome, it actually works!

I am into nail arts like crazy, so using so much enamels and removers my nails lost its shine. After using this crème for hardly two times I really was amused to see its result. My nails became shiny and smooth at the same time strong also. When the monsoon came, my nails started chipping off, still now the weather is so humid but this crème keeps my nails as strong as always.

I only concentrate using this crème on my nails and cuticle area massaging it gently, and it really gives such a feel like freshly done manicure. I agree to its all claims, they in no ways are false!

The After Effect: Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème made my monsoon-affected brittle nails strong, shiny and smooth. Whenever I am done with water work, I use this and the lovely smell is something that I have fallen in love with!

The Good Points:
  1. Best quality brand.
  2. Smells very nice.
  3. Does everything it claims.
  4. Makes nails shiny and smooth.
  5. Makes brittle nails strong.
  6. Absorbs nicely after massaging.
  7. Does not feel greasy.
  8. Quite a large quantity.
  9. Nice and attractive packaging.
  10. Travel friendly.

The Not-So-Good Points: Maybe I am blindly in love with this crème, cannot think of any not-so-good points! :P

My Rating:10/5!

Do I Recommend Sally Hansen Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Crème?
YES! Are you having brittle, shine-less nails? Use it, you won’t be disappointed.

Would I Repurchase?
Yes! Won’t ever leave using this.


  1. Lol 10/5 you should be my maths teacher when I am studying :) hehe
    btw nice Review :)

    1. LOL! I hope all teachers become like me..... :P thanks dear

  2. I love Sally Hansen products too. This one seems to be very promising

    1. Yea, they are good especially this one... :-d Try it since you are really into nail arts, you need to keep your beautiful nails healthy. 8-)


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