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Oriflame Pure Color Intense Cherry Compote & Daring Berry Review, Swatches and LOTD:

Buying lipsticks from a catalogue might be somewhat convenient but choosing the right color might be deceiving. Anyhow, being a great lipstick lover, I randomly buy lipsticks without trying on the back of my hand, from catalogues, online. And, I might be a little proud of this also that I don’t have a lipstick in my lipstick drawer that does not suit me! These Oriflame lipsticks I bought thinking of a different color but it actually became another when I first tried it.

Price and Quantity: Each Oriflame Pure Color Intense, INR 149 for 2.5g or 0.08 oz.
Shades: Oriflame Pure Color Intense Cherry Compote (Code no-26655) & Oriflame Pure Color Intense Daring Berry (Code no. 26657)

My Take on Oriflame Pure Color Intense Cherry Compote & Oriflame Pure Color Intense Daring Berry:

Packaging and Texture: These lipsticks come in a small overall black packaging, which I find a little bit boring. The texture of the lipstick is very moisture, not too moisture though that it would break off. It is very easy to apply on the lips and also to wipe off.

My Experience: Well, the lipsticks are very rich in color as you can see in the pictures. Only one swipe gets me the perfect color on my lips. The staying power is average, but if I include eating session, it had several times survived that. The color starts to fade after 4-5 hours, but never gathers pigments on fine lines. The deep color helps to retain the stain on my lips even after fading. The lipstick itself is so moist and rich, that no gloss afterwards is needed. This is the mini package, but still since one swipe on each lips gets me the deal; this 2.5 g lipstick will go a long life.

The After Effect: I feel very good to say that it does not leave any stain or leftover color on my lips after wiping it off. It keeps my lips perfectly moisture, does not cause any chapped lips after wearing it for long hours.

The colors:

  • Cherry Compote- This is a vibrant color ideal for night outings. The color will suit every Indian skin tone.
  • Daring Berry- This is more likely the day outing color, very soft and wearable for both day and night occasions. Again, this is also pretty color that will suit Indian skin tone.

The Good Points:
  1. Good packaging.
  2. Pure color-true.
  3. Fair Pricing.
  4. Decent Amount.
  5. Keeps lips moisture.
  6. Easy to apply and wipe off.
  7. Does not fade or discolor easily.
  8. Survives eating session.

The Not-so-Good Points:.
  1. Availability.
  2. Staying power is average.

Oriflame Pure Color Intense Cherry Compote on My Lips:

Oriflame Pure Color Intense Daring Berry on My Lips:

My Rating: 4.8/5.
Do I recommend?
Would I Repurchase?
Yes. I will also check out the other colors.


  1. Loved both shade Arshi :D Nice LOTDs

  2. Artikel yang bagus yach
    Lipstik Matte orfilame menarik untuk dipakai yach, banyak produknya yang bagus untuk dipakai seperti pure skin oriflame yang dapat menghilangkan jerawat, dan harganya terjangkau seperti Harga Sunblock yang diproduksinya pun terjangkau, dan alat Alat yang rekomended yach skinpro dari oriflame harganya murah jika dibandingkan dengan yang lainnya....
    Terima kasih artikelnya,,,,


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