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Himalaya Herbals Green Tea Review:

I have been introduced to the benefits and goodness of Green Tea since two years. Green Tea has so many properties that only do well to my body, skin and hair that not a single day I miss it. I have tried many brands till now, e.g. Tetley, Lipton, and Organic India; but when I first saw Himalaya Herbals Green Tea, I did not waste a second, and I bought it. So, today I am going to share my experience with Himalaya Herbals Green Tea.

Product Description:Tackle the fatigued feeling with soothing cup of Himalaya Green Tea! Allow its anti-oxidants and immune-modulating properties to strengthen your body’s immunity and delay the natural aging process in a refreshing all-natural way.

Price & Quantity: INR 49 for 10bags, INR 95 for 20bags.
Key Ingredients: Camellia synthesis, Chai.
Usage Direction: A cup of Green Tea twice daily. Dip the tea bag into a cup of hot water for three minutes. Add honey or sugar if desired.
Shelf Life:3 Years.

My Take On Himalaya Herbals Green Tea:

Packaging & Smell: Himalaya Herbals Green Tea comes in a small cartoon box filled with single sachets of 10 tea bags. Inside the box, there is also a small template of Himalaya Herbals. The smell is naturally pure green tea smell. The sachets are very hardy and hygienic.

My Experience: I have this habit of drinking a cup of mild green tea just before going to bed at night. It seems to keep all my tiredness and worries at bay and helps getting me a relaxed sound sleep. So, to start with the making, Himalaya Herbals Green Tea is quite stronger than the other green teas I have previously experienced. The dark color comes right after one minute of dipping the bag into hot water. And simultaneously, the taste also becomes stronger very soon. I love enjoying green tea with minimal sugar or no sugar. But, Himalaya Herbals Green Tea requires sugar. After adding sugar, the taste is no less than a cup of Assam Tea (which sometimes before I had fallen in love with!). It tastes very nice, like herbal tea.

The After Effect: A cup of Himalaya Herbals Green Tea gives me a good relaxing and nice experience. Single tea bag serves more than 2 cups, since it is quite strong. I would recommend you to dip the bag not more than a minute to get the perfect flavor.
The Good Points:
  1. Good Brand.
  2. Fair Pricing.
  3. Nice strong flavor.
  4. Nice strong pure green tea smell.
  5. Gives a relaxing effect.
  6. Tastes good.

The Not-so-Points:
  1. Taste can be too strong if left the bag for more than one minute.

My Rating: 4.9/5.

Do I Recommend Himalaya Herbals Green Tea?
Yes. It is a good quality green tea.

Would I Repurchase?


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  2. #Arshita thnxx alot dear.. I just started this tea and i was not sure wheather its worth buying.. but ur bolg helped me.... :)

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