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Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner Review:

Nowadays, everyone has become a freak about using natural and herbal products, especially me! Last month I did a healthy haul and luckily I found some natural products for my sensitive facial skin. So, today I am going to review Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner. Here are the details.

Product Description: An alcohol free toner that instantly and effectively conditions, purifies and refreshes the skin, removing traces of makeup and cleanser and cleanses pores and clears face of dirt and environmental buildup. Contains Witch Hazel extracts that work great on all skin type including those with breakouts and dry patches. Use day and night after cleansing, or as an any time use cleanser. For best result, use before applying moisturizer or face cream.

Price & quantity: INR 185 for 100ml/ 3.3 fl. oz.
Key In gredients: Aqua, Witch Hazel Extracts & Cypress Essential Oil.
Usage Direction: After Cleansing, moisten a cotton wool pad with Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner and sweep across face and neck. Can be used to remove superficial impurities.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Take on Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner:

Packaging & Texture: This toner comes in a small transparent sturdy bottle with a green flip top cap. The bottle is very apt for travelling with. The toner is a nice smelling transparent, water-like toner.

My Experience: I have a combination sensitive skin and almost all the toners are alcohol-based which used to burn and sting my face! That is why I stopped using toner and replaced it with rose water. And, since I have partly oily skin, rose water used to make my skin oily very soon. Finally, all thanks to Aloe Veda, they launched this PARABEN-free range where I found this non-alcoholic toner. Also, after reading those articles about how Witch Hazel is beneficial for skin, I was very excited to use this toner. Firstly, it is non-alcoholic; it does not sting or burn my face after application. It is very easy to apply, and it really removes oil and dirt from my skin. It absorbs into my skin pretty fast, leaving it balanced in moisture and refreshing. It does not make my skin oily at all.
The After Effect: Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner never broke me out or caused any irritation or burns. This is perfect for my sensitive skin. Overall, I loved this product and till now, this has become my favorite and HG toner!

The Good Points:
  1. Good quality product.
  2. PARABEN free product.
  3. Non-alcoholic toner.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. Does not sting or burn.
  6. Keeps skin moisture.
  7. Absorbs into skin well.
  8. Does what it claims.

The Not-So-Good Points: I like everything about this toner! :P

My Rating: 5/5.

Do I recommend Aloe Veda Cypress & Witch Hazel Astringent Face Toner?
Yes. If it suits my combination sensitive skin, I think it will suit all skin types.

Would I Repurchase?
Yes. Absolutely!


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