Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wonder Wand: Epistick

Epistick is a small hair removing tool that removes facial hair in the method of threading but with lesser pain. I have not known about this tool until I find blogs totally raving about how wonderful it is. So, I ordered it online and when I used it for the first time, I felt the same! It removes hair so easily and of course it does pain a bit. Some people on YouTube has put their videos of using this epistick, and their red patches caused by this tool scared me a lot but luckily, I did not experience anything like that. 

I found epistick online that is named as Thread It by Saheli Innovations and I bought it from Snapdeal. It was priced Rs. 250 two month ago; the actual price of it is Rs. 400. It is also available in some local stores at Rs. 30-40 (Imagine!). I did not find in my locality so I had to spend bit money, but it’s worth every penny. It also came with a plastic cover to keep it safe and clean from dust.

Epistick is mainly a spring with two handles on both the ends. To use it, place the epistick on the area that has facial hairs, bending in U-shape holding the two handles with both hands and twist the spring inwards or outwards. The hairs will get stuck in between the spring and the twisting movement will pluck them out from its roots. 

You can use it for your upper lips, lower lips, cheeks, neck and chin. It’s strictly instructed to NOT to use it for eyebrows or any other parts of the body. If used for eyebrow, you will seemingly pluck most of your eyebrows, as it has no particular pattern of removing hair. 

See my tiny facial hairs plucked from its roots
To maintain this epistick, you should never use water to clean it, only blow out the stuck hairs from it. Also for hygienic reasons, you should not share your episticks with any other person. 

The best thing about it is you can use it daily if you need, there is no problem in that. I am so much happy and relieved to get this epistick. Previously, I have used tweezers for facial hair removing, and then I started to use the sugar-waxing technique. But epistick beats every method even, threading! It causes lesser pain than waxing and threading. I am really thankful to that person(s) who invented it, really I mean it. For sugar waxing, I needed to grow my hairs ¼ inch, then only it would work. But with this, even tiny hairs will be plucked. (How cool is that?)

I really love this wonder tool and I totally understand why the bloggers are so psyched about this tool, I wish I found out about this tool earlier so that I did not have to do all those messy and painful techniques! Try it if you have not tried it yet. Take care and stay happy…...xoxo


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