Monday, 22 July 2013

Oriflame Eyelash Curler (Code no. 9315) Review:

I am a no-makeup type person; hence only eye and lip makeup are crucial for me. I do not compromise with my eye makeup and a few years ago I bought eyelash curler by Oriflame.
Previously, I heard that eyelash curler is not good for lashes, they gets uprooted more often if we use curler. But, seeing those pretty curly lashes in the advertisements, I also wanted that. And I bought it, ever since I am using it.

Product Description: Get dazzling lashes in only a few seconds with this easy-to-use lash curler that doesnot crease lashes. Use it before applying mascara for longer and prettier lashes. Made of nickel-free alloy. With burgundy rubber handles. 11x4cm

Back then when I bought it, it was priced INR 129, now it has increased to INR 179. Now, the curler seems somewhat safe to me, as the grip of the curler has a rubber coating. This helps my lashes to get curled in a gentle way. There are also rubber grip in the handles. The soft purple rubber makes it look so girly and pretty.
See the rubber coating?

This eyelash curler works perfectly fine if used in a proper way. I do sometime hurt my eyelashes while doing makeup in rush. The right way to use eyelash curler is to place it right where your eyelashes have curve and then press the handles gently. It always completes my eye makeup and makes me feel confident about my lashes without wearing a false one…:P
So, do you use eyelash curler?


  1. I use curlers too and I love curling my lashes! :) Useful post Arshi!

  2. now i need to get one :) i have too many lashes and i need something to order them to stay :)

  3. oriflame is working very nice in cosmetics products and have made their name, this curler is very impressive, it can give your lashes a beautiful curl


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