Monday, 29 July 2013

Elle 18 Black Out Liner Review, Swatches and EOTD:

Eye liners are must for any eye makeup, and after trying a lot of liners, a few months back, I thought of trying Elle 18 Black Out Liner. So, today I am reviewing this one.
Product Description: Packed in fancy girly bottle, Elle 18 black liner is glossy, slightly thick but appropriate liner for application during the day and night. Unique applicator brush with the lid is the one you will fancy about. It helps you put the liner just in time on your upper or lower eyelids. Black out liner is a definite buy and a must have product.

Price and Quantity: INR 65 for 5ml.

Key Ingredients: Rose water (nothing else is mentioned).

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Take on Elle 18 Black Out Liner:

Packaging and Texture:
Elle 18 Black Out Liner comes in a small and cute round bottle that is very girly. The applicator brush is more than appropriate, very sleek and precise. The liner is thick in consistency and dries very fast, like in less than 30 seconds.
My Experience: I am so glad that I have bought this liner. First of all, the liner has perfect applicator, not too thick or too thin; exact for applying liner on the eyelids. Even if I get ready in rush, I never forget to do my eye makeup, I may not apply shadows then but this liner is must as it dries quickly. But, contrary the product description it does not stay glossy, it gives a matte look, which is perfect for both night and day outings. Now, about staying power, it stays until I wash it off, really! Last time, I wore it for the longest time that is for 8 hours; and to my amusement, it neither faded nor smudged. The liner stays exactly how I apply. The other wonder is, it is somewhat waterproof; it survives splashes of water and also rain until it involves rubbing eyes vigorously. The amount and the quality I am getting from this liner at this price is a bonus.
After Drying
The After Effect: It does not sting or irritate my eyes; it does not gather pigments in the inside corner of my eyes (some liners do!). It gets removed quite easily also, leaves no traces.
The Good Points:
  1. Decent Price.
  2. Good quality Product.
  3. Fairly large amount.
  4. Precise applicator.
  5. Easy to apply and remove.
  6. Stays for several hours.
  7. Does not fade or smudge.
  8. Dries super fast.
The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. There is none!
My Rating: 10/5!

Do I Recommend Elle 18 Black Out Liner?

Would I Repurchase?
Only forever!

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