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Blue Heaven Liner 03 Blue Review:

Blue shades are the second best color as eye liners, after of course black shades. I happen to buy eyeliners, eye pencil, kajals randomly from almost anywhere and everywhere. This, Blue Heaven Liner 03 Blue, I picked it a few months ago from a mall. And I am sorry that I threw away the cartoon of it, and also I forgot its price. :P

Blue Heaven is an Indian Cosmetic Brand. Maybe some of you are hearing the name for the first time. But, I have used this brand, from it’s never goes off nail paints to cream compact powders. This brand is not only popular among Indians; YouTube videos and blogs would prove that, actually that was the reason when I first bought this brand. Now, this liner was a new addition to this brand recently, and as soon I saw it behind the counter, I bought it. I have used it many times, for my day outings, especially. And now, I am sharing my experience with you guys.
Quantity: 2.2g.

Shades Available: Black, Red, Silver, Blue.

My Take on Blue Heaven Liner 03 Blue: 

Packaging and Texture: This liner comes in a small bullet type packaging, in blue color. It has a screw cap, which is a good point. But, one has to be very careful with it, as it might break off if handled harshly. It smells little odd, like castor oil or olive oil type. I know, I it is a good thing for eyes, but they do not have pretty smell.

My Experience: I have used this liner both as liner and kajal. Each time, it paid me off beautifully. The staying power is very good. It did not smudge or fade for a really long time. Also, the stick type liner is very convenient for applying. The only thing I wish Blue Heaven could skip is the shimmers. I like shimmers, but sometimes I don’t. On the other hand, it never stings or hurt my eyes, maybe the goodness of the oils! The soft and moisture texture of it and those shimmers gives nice look to my eyes.

The After Effect: As I said about the good staying power, the one bad thing is that the shimmers make it hard to remove it completely. This is the reason why I hate shimmers.

The Good Points: 
  1. Good Packaging. 
  2. I don’t remember the exact price but I can say it was very affordable. 
  3. Nice shade. 
  4. Staying power is very good. 
  5. Does not sting or hurt. 
  6. Decent amount.
The Not-so-Good Points: 
  1. Shimmers. :P
  2. Availability. (I have not seen this liners online, and in the stores also, it might be hard to find)
My Rating: 4.8/5.

Do I Recommend? 

Would I Repurchase? 
Yes!I Would like to try the silver one also.


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